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I wear a hat now… 💩#shorthairdontcare

I Love Eevee Umbreon Die Cut Promo
Då har man slagit Elite 4 i Pokemon Soulsilver! 🏆Vad ska man annars göra när man är sjuk? Utveckla Eevees såklart! Umbreon är min favorit #pokemon #nintendo #soulsilver #eevee #umbreon #ninetales #meganium #lyra #jolteon #espeon #lugia #nintendods


What is Sexual Coercion?
If someone makes you feel obligated or forced to do something you don’t want to, you may be experiencing coercion. By definition, sexual coercion is “the act of using pressure, alcohol or drugs, or force to have sexual contact with someone against his or her will” and includes “persistent attempts to have sexual contact with someone who has already refused.”
Think of sexual coercion as a spectrum or a range. It can vary from someone verbally egging you on to someone actually forcing you to have contact with them. It can be verbal and emotional, in the form of statements that make you feel pressure, guilt or shame. You can also be made to feel forced through more subtle actions. For example, your partner might:
Make you feel like you owe them — for example, because you’re in a relationship, because you’ve had sex before, because they spent money on you or bought you a gift, because you go home with them
Give you compliments that sound extreme or insincere as an attempt to get you to agree to something
Badger you, yell at you, or hold you down
Give you drugs and alcohol to loosen up your inhibitions
Play on the fact that you’re in a relationship, saying things such as: “Sex is the way to prove your love for me” or “If I don’t get sex from you I’ll get it somewhere else”
React negatively (with sadness, anger or resentment) if you say no or don’t immediately agree to something
Continue to pressure you after you say no
Make you feel threatened or afraid of what might happen if you say no
Try to normalize their sexual expectations — for example, “I need it, I’m a guy.”
In a relationship where sexual coercion is occurring, there is a lack of consent, and the coercive partner doesn’t respect the boundaries or wishes of the other.

THIS SO MUCHyour partner forcing you to have sex “because you’re [their] girlfriend” or “you owe [them]” is RAPE. even if they make you say “yes” first. it’s still rape if they’re MAKING YOU DO IT. I wish I had known this. don’t waste 6 years of your life like I did.
Ännu en dag att ta mig igenom. Bara lvl 1? Det är aldrig försent att börja, så filosofiskt känner jag mig idag ✨#mii #nintendo #instagood #instagrammer #hero

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Sonic the Hedgehog Chilidogs & Onion gold rings for tonights dinner with @mclarren yum yum ✨ #nerdynummies @rosannapansino (sorry, didn’t have any olives!) #sonicthehedgehog




want this moment burned on my eyelids

So many girls saw this. Bless.

All hail the queen.

Let this sink in. She declared herself a feminist in front of a bunch of white women who decided they werent feminists like katy perry and then her husband and child, the things feminists evidently don’t have, wete cheering on and gave her an award
^^ lol i’ve been sing it for the last two years. ;D
Jag har oturen att vara sjuk samma dag som Doctor Who-premiärn. Men jag ska vila och ladda inför i kväll med ett bad med min lilla cyberman som jag haft ett tag. #doctorwho #cyberman #tardis #DWworldTour
Min storebror fyller år idag. Och jag tönkte göra ett eget kort men jag orkade inte då jag är sjuk. Som tur är finns internet #muchbirthday #suchcelebrate #doge #internetsavestheday